Pelindo 1 to be Number 1 by Enhancing Value

Success Story Pelindo1

Moving forward to be number 1 with the golden system

“We are aiming to be the market leader in port & logistics business in Indonesia. With ERP, all business  processes related to operations, productions, and  distribution can be automatically integrated.”

Bambang Eka Cahyana, Chief Executive Officer, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (persero)


Pelindo 1

Pelindo 1

 Pelindo 1 Pasanger

Pelindo 1 Branch

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (persero)

Medan, Indonesia


Business Line

Port Business



IDR 3.1 trillion (2018)



1400++ (2018)



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Key Challenges

  • Difficult to trace customer debt for harbor services
  • Less Service and Customer Orientation by branches
  • High inefficiencies for equipment maintenance
  • Consolidation financial report takes a tedious task and longer time than required by the regulator


  • Full back-office and Harbor Operation Management System integration
  • Reduce time to service for customers by having an integrated payment system with banks
  • Increase cash position through advance deposits from customers for harbor services
  • Management efficiencies through segregation of duties; routine tasks, services task, and strategic investment task

“We have invested golden resources and golden system, our new ERP system, and  now we are aiming at the golden results for this year and beyond to be the number one.”

Bambang Eka Cahyana, Chief Executive Officer, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (persero)