How Pelindo III moving forward as ICT-Based Enterprise with SAP S/4 HANA

S/4 Hana Implementation

Integrating business processes across branches and ports with best-in-class ERP system

“An IT backbone so vital for us to keep ahead in the competition. As our business operations are expanding, so is our business data. We realize that we need intelligent software that enables more effective management of reports, business processes, and communication across our company as well as to our customers.”

Abdul Rofiq Fanany, ERP Project Manager, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (persero)

Pelindo 3


43 Ports

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (persero)

Surabaya, Indonesia


Business Line

Port services operator



IDR 2.57 trillion (2018)



4000++ (2018)



SAP S/4 HANA SAP Fiori OpenText xECM

Key Challenges

  • Island of Financial System within Corporate Office and Branches
  • High Account Receivable for harbor services
  • High inefficiencies for equipment maintenance
  • Consolidation financial report takes a tedious task and longer time than required by the regulator


  • Full back-office and Container Terminal Management System and Terminal Management System Integration
  • Reduce time to service for customers
  • Reduce and control customer account receivables
  • Seamless approval management system using a document management system and mobile apps Fiori

“We produce our annual financial report on time and seamlessly, there are no glitches integration to CTOS and TOS operation and a smooth payroll processing using a new integrated ERP system. It is a remarkable achievement as an ERP Project”

Abdul Rofiq Fanany, ERP Project Manager, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (persero)