Company Statements

PERDANA CONSULTING is an IT Consulting Service company that focuses on SAP Products and Services. Almost 20 Years of experience in implementing SAP solution in Indonesia, PERDANA CONSULTING has been committed to creating value for its customers to achieve their business objective to sustain competitive advantage.
Since its establishment in 2001, PERDANA CONSULTING has been certified as National SAP Implementation Partner, later by 2003 Perdana certified as SAP Channel Partner for SAP All-in-One and since 2003 PERDANA CONSULTING certified as SAP Support Partner and 2012 validated by SAP Asia Pacific & Japan through SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) Certification for SAP Support & Services with the following authorizations:

☑ PE Sell – Analytics Support Authorization
☑ PE Sell – BAiO Support Authorization
☑ PE Sell – DB&T Support Authorization
☑ PE Sell – HANA Support Authorization
☑ PE Sell – SAP AiO Sell Authorization
☑ PE Sell – SAP Analytics Sell Authorization
☑ PE Sell – SAP DB&T Sell Authorization
☑ PE Sell – SAP HANA Sell Authorization
☑ PE Service – SAP AiO Service Authorization
☑ PE Service – SAP Analytics Service Authorization Authorized
☑ PE Service – SAP HANA Service Authorization.