Facing dynamic and competitive market, companies are required to be able to generate an excellent products and services. Innovations, timely service, employee productivity, lower total cost are the key factors of  current  business environment.

PT Konsulindo Informatika Perdana (Perdana Consulting) is an IT service consulting company focuses on SAP Implementation. Our commitment  is working extra miles as a professional  to help our customers improve their business goals by implementing new and advance the information technology application.

For over 10 years of experiences in implementing SAP solution in Indonesia, Perdana Consulting has been commited to creating value for its customer to achieve their business objective to sustain competitive advantage. We offer innovative business solutions that help our clients improve their business performance by optimizing IT solution from both a financial and technical aspect with SAP solution. We have extensive experiences across SAP solutions: consulting, end to end implementations, upgrade, training, helping customer enhance value from their SAP investments.

To learn more about our product & services, please feel free to contact or email us. We are happy to assist you.

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