PT Konsulindo Informatika Perdana (Perdana Consulting) is an IT service consulting company focuses on SAP Implementation. Our commitment  is working extra miles as a professional  to help our customers improve their business goals by implementing new and advance the information technology application.

For over 15 years of experiences in implementing SAP solution in Indonesia, Perdana Consulting has been commited to creating value for its customer to achieve their business objective to sustain competitive advantage. We offer innovative business solutions that help our clients improve their business performance by optimizing IT solution from both a financial and technical aspect with SAP solution. We have extensive experiences across SAP solutions: consulting, end to end implementations, upgrade, training, helping customer enhance value from their SAP investments.

Our Clients

SIX Phase Implementation SAP Roadmap

We use our FASTER Approach based on Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Methodology to implement the project (FASTER:Focus, A Qualified Team, Smooth Transition, Time Management, and Excellent Result).

  1. Phase 1: Project Preparation

    In this phase, the project team was formed, Project Charter drafted and the training of the project team started. The project plan is a high-level finished and hardware already ordered. Project formally begins with the Executive Kickoff, which was not only attended by the project team and consultants, but also by the management team (clients) and other project stakeholders.

  2. Phase 2: Business Blueprint

    The goal is to understand the business blueprint and the business objective as well as to define and to agree the business processes in order to achieve the objective.

  3. Phase 3: Realization

    During this third phase, the project team with Perdana Consulting’s Consultant shall carry out the implementation by all the terms of business processes in the Business Blueprint document into the system development (prototype).

  4. Phase 4: Final Preparation

    During the final preparation, project members will be trained with the method of ‘train the trainers’, the manufacturing procedures that will be used by user. All tasks will be completed so that the configuration of the SAP system was declared ready for use.

  5. Phase 5: ‘ Go Live ‘ and Support

    In this final stage, the activities to be concluded include: orientation, preparation of a pre-productive system, and then operate the actual productive system. At this phase, monitoring and evaluation will be conducted to review the capability of the SAP system based on data that is processed in the productive system.

  6. Phase 6 : Run SAP

    The purpose of this phase is to fine-tune the application lifecycle standards, processes and procedures established during the project and align them with operation needs. The central operation platform is SAP Solution Manager, which leverages the documented solution for system operations.